Exercise: AWS Free Tier

Natasha Ong
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4 min read

Exercise Overview:

In this exercise, you will create your free-tier AWS account.

Before you start, prepare your working email address, password, phone number, and credit card credentials such as credit card number, cardholder’s name, security code on the card as you will need these in your exercise. Ensure that all the details must be valid.


By the end of this exercise, you should be able to the following.

  • Sign-up for an AWS account
  • Validate your contact details through a phone call or SMS.

To create an AWS account

  1. Go to aws.amazon.com and choose Create an AWS Account.

2. Enter the information in the form, and then choose Verify email address. This will send a verification code to your specified email address.

3. Enter your verification code, and then choose Verify.

4. Enter a strong password for your root user, confirm it, and then choose Continue. AWS requires that your password meet the following conditions:

- It must have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 128 characters.

- It must include a minimum of three of the following mix of character types:

- Uppercase

- Lowercase

- Numbers

- One of these symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & * () <> [] {} | _+-=

- It must not be identical to your AWS account name or email address.

5. Choose Personal when they ask how you plan to use AWS. Personal accounts and business accounts have the same features and functions, but the information AWS will ask for in the sign up form will be different.

6. Enter your company or personal information.

7. Read and accept the AWS Customer Agreement. Be sure that you read and understand the terms of the AWS Customer Agreement.

8. Choose Continue. At this point, you'll receive an email message to confirm that your AWS account is ready to use. You can sign in to your new account by using the email address and password you provided during sign up. However, you can't use any AWS services until you finish activating your account.

9. Enter the information about your payment method, and then choose Verify and Continue. If you want to use a different billing address for your AWS billing information, choose Use a new address.

You can't proceed with the sign-up process until you add a valid payment method. AWS charges $1 as an authorisation charge to verify that the card is valid and that the card hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. AWS will refund the $1 charge after the registration.

10. Enter your country or region code from the list, and then enter a phone number where you can be reached in the next few minutes.

11. Next, you will confirm your identity. You may choose either Text message (SMS) and Voice call, and enter your phone number.

12. Enter the code displayed in the CAPTCHA, and then click Send SMS (step 4 of 5).

13. When the automated system contacts you (either via SMS or voice call), enter the PIN you receive and then submit. Choose continue to proceed.

14. Now we can select one of the available AWS Support plans - let's pick the Basic support option. For a description of the available Support plans and their benefits, see Compare AWS Support plans

15. Choose Complete sign up. A confirmation page appears that indicates that your account is being activated.

16. Check your email and spam folder for an email message that confirms your account was activated. Activation usually takes a few minutes but can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

After you receive the activation message, you have full access to all AWS services.