What are support services?

Natasha Ong
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When it comes to using AWS, it's impossible for any one person to know absolutely everything about AWS's world of services, features, and tools.

That's why knowing where to find support will probably be one of the most important things you can learn as you do your real-world project, prepare for the exam and continue to use AWS!

Support services are helpful when...

  • You run into errors or your application goes down, and you can't figure out why
  • You need to build something that would be too difficult or time consuming to build yourself
  • You want some general guidance on how to make the most out of AWS services

Support is also important when you run business-critical workloads* on AWS and need to ensure their reliability and performance!

*Business-critical workloads = apps and services that are crucial for a company's operations.
  • For example, databases and virtual servers that if disrupted, would significantly impact the company's ability to operate effectively.
  • These workloads typically require a higher level of availability, reliability, and performance to meet business requirements.

AWS's support services

AWS offers heaps of support services, here's a sneak peek:

  • Technical support: AWS has a whole range of technical resources, like extensive documentation, whitepapers, FAQs, and community forums. Technical resources help us troubleshoot and learn independently.
  • Support plans: All AWS accounts have a Support plan in place, from a Basic plan (that's us using AWS for free) to an Enterprise plan that comes with a dedicated manager to support you. You can also chat with the AWS Support team directly through different channels (think emails, phone, and chat) depending on your support plan.
  • Professional services: Professionals that work at AWS and specialise in helping companies and users make the most out of AWS' services.

AWS Partner

An AWS Partner is a company that teams up with Amazon Web Services to offer AWS-based services. These partners, like tech companies or consultants, get special training to help customers use AWS effectively. It's like having experts to make AWS work better for you!

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global network of partners. It covers 100,000+ partners from more than 150 countries!

Becoming an AWS Partner comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • Partner training and certification: Exclusive training designed for Partners to gain AWS certifications and make the most out of AWS services.
  • Partner events: Exclusive partner events and conferences to network, collaborate, and stay updated on the latest AWS developments.
  • Partner volume discounts: Discounted pricing for AWS resources and certification exams.