Exercise 3: Create your first Azure resource

Natasha Ong
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4 min read

Exercise Overview:

In this exercise, you will use the Azure portal to create a Resource.

The goal of this exercise is to show you the flow of creating resources in the Azure portal. You are not expected to understand all the settings and options yet! This will come later in the course when you learn about virtual machines.

Task 1: Create a virtual machine

In this task, you’ll create a virtual machine using the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Head to the Virtual machines page.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Select Azure virtual machine.
  5. The Create a virtual machine pane opens to the basics tab.
  6. You can leave most things with their default value, but here are the things to customise:

7. Select Review and Create.

Important: The review page might mention how much this VM will cost you. Since VMs are covered under Azure's free services, you won't actually get charged any costs - if you delete the resource in time! We'll do this at the end of the exercise.

8. Select Create

Wait while the VM is getting created. The status "Deployment is in progress" will change to "Deployment is complete" when the VM is ready.

Task 2: Verify that resources were created

Once the deployment is complete, let's verify that your VM was created!

1. Select Go to resource.

  • Woohoo! Welcome to your very first Azure resource. You should see a page full of details about the virtual machine's resource group, status, location and more.

2. Select the resource group that you created.

  • You should see a list of resources in your resource groups. If you don't see anything, please hit the Refresh button at the top bar of the resource group. page.

Or, you might see a few more resources than the VM you've just made.

  • It takes quite a few background resources to create a VM, and here Azure has created them for us.
  • By default, Azure gives these resources a similar name to help us identify which VM they relate to.
  • This goes to show why resource groups are so important - you need a way group together your related resources, otherwise they'll be scattered across your account and get mixed up!

Task 3: Clean up resources

It's always good practise to delete resource that you won't need. Resources that you leave running can cost you money! You can delete resources individually or delete the resource group to delete the entire set of resources.

  1. Head back to the home page, then find All Resources.
  2. You will see all the resource you created in Azure. Select and tick all boxes related to the created resources (e.g. my-VM for the Virtual Machine)
  1. Click Delete.
  1. A new prompt will show to confirm the deletion. Click the box for Apply for delete. Enter "delete", then press Delete.
  2. Wait for the Azure to complete the deletion process. A notification will pop-up once finished.

Congratulations! You've just created your very first resource in Azure. 😎 We hope this gave you a taste of:

  • Creating a resource
  • Putting a resource in a resource group
  • Deleting a resource