Storage migration

Natasha Ong
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In a nutshell:

Azure Migrate is a one-stop migration platform with integrated tools for different migration needs.
Azure Data Box transfers large volumes of data securely in a physical storage device (yup, it's a literal box you can touch and hold)

We've talked about Azure's fantastic storage options, but what if you have data hanging outside the cloud and you want to bring it in? Azure's got your back with two cool options: Azure Migrate and Azure Data Box.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is like your trusty sidekick for moving stuff from your own on-premise servers into the cloud. It's all about making the transition into cloud as smooth as possible. Here are the key things about Azure Migrate:

  • One-stop-shop migration platform: Azure Migrate puts everything related to migration into a single portal. This makes it your one-stop shop for starting, running and tracking your big move!
  • Integrated tools: Within the Azure Migrate hub, you'll see some pretty cool tools to help you with different types of migration (check out the table below)! If you have specific needs for your migration, you can even use services from other companies partnered with Azure.
  • Handy tip: other companies that sell add-on services for Azure are called ISVs (independent software vendors).

Here's a sneak peek of Azure Migrate in our portal:

Here are the handy tools that Azure Migrate gives you:

*What are SQL Servers? How are they different from on-premises database?

SQL Servers are like digital libraries for data that live in the cloud, making your data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and eliminating the need for physical servers on your premises. SQL Servers are one of the most popular database management systems in the world have been around for a long time (since 1989!). On-premise databases, on the other hand, are like having your library in your own home – they're local and require you to manage the physical servers, which can be costly and less flexible.

Azure Data Box

Now, let's talk about Azure Data Box. Imagine you've got a pile of data that's too big to just migrate onto Azure over the internet. Data Box is like the big truck that carries it all, and we mean it - Data Boxes are  physical storage devices that needs to be shipped around from your data centre to Azure's!

This is what a Data Box looks like - they're pretty heavy at 22kgs!

Here's what a Data Box brings:

  • Physical migration service: Azure sends you a special device, the Data Box, which can carry a whopping 80 terabytes of data. To put it in perspective, 80 terabytes of data is roughly the same as 20,000 hours of high-definition video, or 16 million high-resolution photos. It's a massive amount of data!
  • Secure transfer: Don't worry; your data is safe during the ride. The Data Box is built like a tank to protect your info, AND they're stored in super thick cases that protect the Box from damage.
  • Easy setup: Setting up the Data Box is a breeze - simply connect it to your network.
  • Hands-free, secure return: Once your data's moved into the Data Box, just send the Data Box back and Azure takes care of the rest. Your data moves safely into Azure data centres and the Data Box gets wiped clean, so your data won't leaving any traces.

Use cases for Data Box

Now, where does this big, sturdy Data Box come in handy?

  • One time migration: When you need to move a ton of data from your place to Azure in one go.
  • Media library upgrade: Say goodbye to offline tapes and hello to an online media library in Azure.
  • Big data analysis: When you want to do some serious data crunching in Azure with data that's still on-premise, Data Box helps you move all that historical data into the cloud.
  • Periodic uploads: If you generate heaps of data regularly and want it all in Azure.

Exporting with Data Box

Data Box isn't just about bringing data into Azure; it can also help you send data out of Azure:

  • Disaster recovery: If you need a copy of your Azure data back on-premise in a hurry, Microsoft can ship a Data Box loaded with your data.
  • Security needs: Sometimes, government security laws say you need to be able to export data out of the cloud on demand. Data Box is the tool for exporting massive amounts of data, which helps lots of companies meet this law.
  • Migrating elsewhere: You can use Data Box to migrate your data back to on-premises or to another cloud provider.

Here's a sneak peek of Azure Data Box in our trusty portal: