Answering YOUR questions about the course

Natasha Ong
November 9, 2023
4 min read
WOOHOOOO - less than 10 days to go until the course launches!

As we gear up for an awesome learning journey that can transform your life, let's have a refresher on the Salesforce Admin Course. 🎉

Here's a quick roundup of the fantastic questions that you've asked us over the last two months.

If this sparks any more questions for you, please get in touch with Nat at!

Psst... If you want the juicy summary, scroll to the bottom. It's okay. We won't judge you. 😉

What's inside the course?

The course is split into 4️ stages, guiding you through Salesforce basics to landing that awesome Salesforce Admin job. 🚀😄

  • Introduction to Salesforce (30%): Get a deep dive into the world of Salesforce, discover what Salesforce Admins do, and learn how to make the most of the Salesforce platform.
  • Real-world Salesforce project (20%): Get hands-on with a project for a real, live Salesforce-using company. You'll tackle real-world challenges and showcase your work with a professional 💅🏻 video demo.
  • Exam prep (30%): Get ready to crush the Salesforce Admin certification exam with practice tests, study guides, cheat sheets, and revision videos.
  • How to score a Salesforce job (20%): Learn how to build your personal brand, network like a pro, create CVs and cover letters, and nail job interviews.

I want to finish the course in three months, is that possible?

Absolutely! With all the content pre-recorded, you're the captain of your learning journey.

Most students spend 10 hours per week on the course and pass the Salesforce Admin exam in six months. It's totally possible to be certified in three months, if you can dedicate 20 hours each week to make it happen.

We recommend learning at a pace that leaves time for your personal life - make sure your workload is reasonable and sustainable for you. 🌱

When is the exam?

Your exam date is your choice too. Simply give us a heads-up two weeks before you want to take your exam, and we'll help you book it in. 🗓️

Exams are available every day, including weekends. They can be booked from 12am (midnight) all the way until 11:45pm, so you'll definitely find a time that suits you!

What happens if I don't pass the exam?

No problem! The Salesforce Admin exam is known to be quite challenging, especially on your first try. Heaps of NextWork students have been there before, and the important part is bouncing back up and giving it another go.

You can take a Salesforce exam up to three times per quarter.

  • You can give the exam a second go from the day after your first try.
  • You can give the exam a third go from 14 days after your second try.

What jobs can I apply for after passing the cert?

Becoming a Salesforce Certified Administrator opens doors to some top roles in high demand:

  • Salesforce Administrator: Imagine being the wizard who sets up, customises, and maintains Salesforce for a range of companies, from small nonprofits to massive enterprises. You'll be their in-house Salesforce guru.
  • Salesforce Consultant: As a consultant, you're a problem-solving expert for other companies using Salesforce. You provide advice, fix any Salesforce problems, and show them how to unlock the full power of Salesforce for their company.
  • Salesforce Business Analyst (BA): BAs do many of the same things as Consultants, but zero in on specific departments or processes. For example, you might work with the IT team to improve customer service processes. It's all about making specific improvements, whereas Consultants provide broader guidance across the entire company. BA's can work full-time for a single company or join the ranks of consulting companies and contractors.
  • Salesforce Developer (requires additional training): If you have some programming skills or are interested in coding, the Salesforce Developer role is the perfect choice. Developers code custom solutions that integrate with Salesforce's products, making Salesforce work exactly the way a company needs it to.

Is the cert all I need to get a Salesforce job?

Not quite - that's why our course is broken into four parts. 😉

Being certified gives you a huge tick in getting a job in Salesforce, but it doesn't guarantee any job offers! Here are other things to think about:

  • Get practical experience using Salesforce - that's where Part 2 of the course (the real world project) comes in handy.
  • Network and build relationships in the Salesforce ecosystem. That's how employers will know that an awesome Salesforce Admin is open to work! Put yourself out there on LinkedIn as early as possible, and watch your connections grow exponentially from there.
  • Have strong interview skills to show employers that you're an amazing fit with what they're looking for! That's where Part 4 of the course comes in handy.

Will I be doing the course on my own?

You won't be on your own - we CAN'T wait to introduce you to the NextWork community. Our successful alumni rave about how this community has been a game-changer in their career journey, and we're pumped for you to join in on the excitement! 🚀

Get ready to connect with fellow students and mentors, where you can ask anything and celebrate your wins. The NextWork team is also diving into a course this Summer, so we'll be with you in the community. See you there soon – it's going to be epic! 👀

⏳ In Summary ⌛️

  • The course is split into four stages to guide you through Salesforce fundamentals, hands-on experience, acing the cert exam and landing a Salesforce job! 🚀
  • You can totally finish the course in just three months, if you commit to 20 hours a week of learning. 🏆
  • You decide the exam date, and just give us a heads-up two weeks before. Exams are available every day, even on weekends - it's 24/7 action!
  • You can take the Salesforce exam up to three times per quarter. Your second try can happen just a day after the first, and your third try can happen another 14 days later.
  • After getting certified, you can become a Salesforce Administrator, Consultant, Business Analyst, or even level up to a Developer with some extra training. ☁️
  • Getting certified is an awesome start, but there's more to the journey. It's important to gain hands-on experience, expand your network, and perfect those interview skills. 🌟
  • You're not alone in this adventure - the NextWork community is YOUR support crew. Connect with fellow students and mentors, where we celebrate questions and successes every day.

If this refresher has sparked your curiosity and got you pumped up, that's awesome!

We're ready to chat about any more questions or thoughts you might have. Reach out to Nat at anytime.

Your success in Salesforce is about to take off, and we can't wait to see your incredible journey to the top. 🌠