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AWS Cloud Practitioner Course

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Learn the fundamentals of what it means to be a Salesforce admin, apply your skills to a real world project, and get everything you need to land that first job. Off we go!

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Is this for me?

Looking to change careers

From start to finish, we’ve got all the support and tools you need to make the switch and start your best career yet.

Need real-world experience

Get that next level of understanding and ace your job interview with a collection of real world projects to show off.

Make more money

Join one of the highest paying industries on the planet and future proof your career.

Flexible learning designed for you

Keep the accountability and structure of an in-person course with the flexibility of learning at times that best suit you.

Then welcome to the salesforce admin course!

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So, what is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world leader in CRM - but it's not just a CRM platform. You can specialise in Salesforce for marketing, sales, programming, AI, data science, and so much more. With a growing ecosystem that will create millions of jobs, now is the perfect time to explore and learn Salesforce.

What you get

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Real-world project

A real project with a real company

Gain practical experience in Salesforce by working on real-world projects with actual companies, and demonstrate your skills to employers during interviews.

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Salesforce certified

Become Salesforce certified

The course includes the official Salesforce Certification exam, with exam booking assistance and full support for you to ace that final exam.

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study toolkit

Complete study kit ready to roll

Be fully prepared for your Certification exam through verified practice exams, flashcards, and cheat sheets, regularly updated to include the latest Salesforce features.

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We seriously care about your success

Access qualified professional mentors, join study groups, and be part of a supportive community to get answers to all your Salesforce questions and concerns during your learning journey.

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nextwork network

It's what you know and who you know

Join NextWork's exclusive professional network to kickstart your career with Salesforce networking events and opportunities.

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job preparation

Land the right job, at the right place and love it

Land your dream job with our included free Job Prep course, excelling in Salesforce interviews, CV checks, and networking to secure the perfect position.

How it works

Stage 1:
Introduction to Salesforce
6 weeks
  • Learn Salesforce from scratch, even if you have prior knowledge.
  • Address all your Salesforce questions, including where to start learning, career prospects, and essential Salesforce Admin skills.
  • Gain understanding of the Salesforce Admin role, their daily tasks, job opportunities with certification, and effective navigation and utilisation of Salesforce features.
Stage 2:
Real-world Salesforce project
4 weeks
  • Complete a real-world project, collaborating with a small team of Salesforce students on a custom Salesforce solution.
  • Submit technical documentation and a video presentation, receiving feedback from experienced trainers to prepare for the job market.
  • Gain practical insights into the life of a Salesforce Admin and develop a valuable talking point in interviews to showcase your real-world Salesforce expertise.
Stage 3:
Salesforce admin exam preparation
6 weeks
  • Schedule your exam and official practice exam to provide clear deadlines for progress.
  • Access multiple Salesforce practice exams, study guides, cheat sheets, notes, glossaries, and videos.
  • Attend revision events and workshops for additional support and preparation.
  • Review course content in preparation for sitting your exam
  • Pass the exam 😎
Stage 4:
How To Get A Salesforce Job
4 weeks
  • Prepare for the real job market
  • Complete practice interviews for Salesforce specific roles
  • Learn effective interview and job application techniques
  • Utilise LinkedIn to boost job prospects
  • Get support with writing your resume and cover letter

What students are saying

"The NextWork course set me up so well. It helped to keep me on track and focused, so I could get certified in the end. The course provided me with a lot of support and structure, and I knew where I could go for resources."
Jojo Mepham

📚 Student ---> 👩‍💻 Salesforce Admin

“I was lucky enough to land my first Salesforce job within 2 months of obtaining the certification. And when I finally found the job, I felt as if I found the job of my dreams.”
Dinushi De Silva

📢 Marketing ---> 👩‍💻 Salesforce Admin

"NextWork has given me the valuable knowledge and set of skills that have helped me to get my current job... I recommend taking it if you can. Lots of people try to learn [Salesforce] via Trailhead, but it’s really hard without a guide."
irina rerikh - student at nextwork
Irina Rerikh

🗄 Operations ---> 👩‍💻 Salesforce Consultant

"I doubled my salary in less than 6 months and get full control over my day. I wouldn't have done any of this on my own without NextWork!"
makini castille-wollard - student at nextwork
Makini Castille-Wollard

☕️ Barista ---> 👩‍💻Salesforce Admin

"Switching careers can be so daunting, but the course gave me the training and support I needed to break into the industry. I now have the potential for so much more progression and flexibility than I did before."
abby paul - student at nextwork
Abby Paul

🧪 Pharmacist ---> 👨‍💻Salesforce Admin

I got lost within the tech world while trying to change careers on my own. Getting qualified with NextWork's help and uncovering my new career path was such a great experience."
Sarah Smith

📢 Events ---> 👩‍💻Salesforce Admin

"I couldn't have done it without NextWork. They gave me insights and guidance that I never would have thought off studying by myself and it's exactly this that helped me achieve my certification faster and secure a job instantly."
marianne chia - student at nextwork
Marianne Chia

🧪 Pharmacist ---> 👨‍💻Salesforce Engineer

“I think more Graduates should consider Salesforce. It opens up a lot of doors and adds to your toolbox after uni - it’s a wonderful way to get into tech.”
Makini Castille-Wollard

📚 Student ---> 👩‍💻 Salesforce Admin

"The course helped me a lot. I got to learn a lot of small things that I did not realise I should know as an Admin, and wouldn’t have learnt just going through Trailhead myself. Being part of the NextWork community was great, as it helped me get comfortable with Salesforce."
Sandipan Das

Position, Company name

"Best money I've ever spent on a course. Making a career switch from 8 years of engineering to Salesforce is definitely super outside my comfort zone and I'm super glad that I did it - everything has changed for me in a good way"
ryan ko avatar - student at nextwork
Ryan Ko

💡Electrical Engineer ---> 👨‍💻Salesforce Consultant

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