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Powerfully personalised, designed for you to learn any skill and get any job in the world.

Kick off with Cloud Certifications

Learn Salesforce, AWS, Azure certifications with ease! Keep an eye out for new certifications and in-demand skills on the horizon.

Caring Community

Meet with mentors, industry experts, and other students on the course to support you on your journey.

End-to-end experience

Start with zero knowledge and finish with industry connections, a custom made resume, and skills to help you win that first interview.


Everyone learns differently. Finally you can join a course that’s custom made to fit into your life and how you personally learn best.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing students who are fulfilled in their new roles.

Amit Gupta

💼 Business Development--->💻 Salesforce Certified

Puru Timsina

☕️ Retail ---> 💻 Salesforce Certified

Sophie Chen

☕️ Business Analyst ---> 💻Salesforce Certified

Elhussin Farah

📚 Student ---> 💻 AWS Certified

"Best money I've ever spent on a course. Making a career switch from 8 years of engineering to Salesforce is definitely super outside my comfort zone and I'm super glad that I did it - everything has changed for me in a good way"
Ryan Ko

💡Electrical Engineer ---> 💻 Salesforce Consultant

"Switching careers can be so daunting, but the course gave me the training and support I needed to break into the industry. I now have the potential for so much more progression and flexibility than I did before."
Abby Paul

🧪 Pharmacist ---> 💻 Salesforce Admin

"I just wanted to let you know that I managed to secure a job at ECL Group as a help desk role in part because of my AWS qualifications. They contacted me almost immediately when they realized I had them. I got the job 2 days after the interview. Thank you for the AWS/Azure courses again."
James Wilkin

📚 Student ---> 💻 AWS Help Desk

"NextWork has given me the valuable knowledge and set of skills that have helped me to get my current job... I recommend taking it if you can. Lots of people try to learn [Salesforce] via Trailhead, but it’s really hard without a guide."
Irina Rerikh

🗄 Operations ---> 💻 Salesforce Consultant

"I couldn't have done it without NextWork. They gave me insights and guidance that I never would have thought off studying by myself and it's exactly this that helped me achieve my certification faster and secure a job instantly."
Marianne Chia

🧪 Pharmacist ---> 💻 Salesforce Engineer

"Big thanks for allowing me to be part of your great initiative, and, for endless hours spent curating the course material and compiling it. I was impressed to see how you covered each module through the daily updates with your own thoughts and interpretations of the topics & content, gave such good overview and helped me structure my learning plan."
Ankur Grover

🎯 Solutions Architect ---> 💻 Azure Certified

"Thank you for helping us out by providing useful activities, exercises and tutorials! Learning AWS felt more fun, and less overwhelming."
Sophia Halapchuk

📚 Student ---> 💻 Salesforce Dev Intern

"This feeling is really awesome. This evening, I successfully cleared the Admin exam. Thank you so much everyone! I always learned new things while studying together, so this is a team work. Thank you so much NextWork  in entrusting us and making us comfortable and confident in [the] Salesforce ecosystem."
Deepti Das

👩 Office Admin ---> 💻 Salesforce Consultant

"I can honestly say that NextWork has completely changed my life. I now earn double what I used to, and get to design my day how I want."
Makini Castille-Wollard

☕️ Barista ---> 💻 Salesforce Admin

"Thank you so much to Amber Joseph and the team at NextWork you guys have an amazing course and anyone wanting to take the journey to becoming a Salesforce Admin, you need to get in touch with the team at NextWork."
Daniel Nicholson

📢 Communications ---> 💻 Salesforce Certified

"I sincerely appreciate your commitment to teaching and mentoring, and I wanted to extend my best wishes for your continued success. I am confident that NextWork will soon reap the rewards of your hard work and vision. May your future endeavours be even more fruitful, and may your influence continue to spread, shaping the next generation of tech professionals."
Zin Hoang

🔬 Lab Assistant ---> 💻 Software Developer

They’re basically the reason I have my job now! I definitely learnt a lot of the basic Salesforce skills I needed to start my job from them, and they’ve been great at providing me with ongoing support. The course was really helpful in learning how to be a Salesforce Admin, actually getting certified, and ultimately landing my first Salesforce job."
Jarvis Feaver

☕️ Barista ---> 💻 Salesforce Admin

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about NextWork

Is there a free trial available?

Yes! You can take all of our entry level courses for free to prepare for your certification. To take your Certification exam you will need to purchase the exam either directly through the appropriate provider (Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft) at full price, or through NextWork at a discount.

When will NextWork launch?

November 14th 2023

What courses will you have?

Salesforce Administrator Certification, AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, and Azure Fundamentals Certification. More coming soon!

What’s the community like?

Every student is paired with a mentor who they can ask technical questions of when/if they get stuck at any stage. Students are also grouped into tribes of maximum 5 other students who are all starting the course at this same time. We also run plenty of social events, both in-person and online so keep a look out!

Can I get a preview?

If you want early access join the waitlist and keep an eye out for early access opportunities.

Can I invest in NextWork?

At this stage we won’t be crowdsourcing investment. Join the waitlist to get inside information on the NextWork roadmap and upcoming events.

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